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Roof Repair Northern Virginia

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When you think “roof repair Northern Virginia” what comes to mind? It should be Summit Roofing! Summit Roofing is your source for roof repair in Northern Virginia. Storm damage? No Problem! Wear and tear from age? We have you covered! Water leaks? Missing shingles? Clogged or damaged vents? It’s time to call Summit Roofing!

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Time For Roof Repair?

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Expert Roofing Services

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Granule Loss

New roofs begin aging immediately. The shingles are still “curing.” They lose a noticeable amount of granules after a short exposure to sun and weather. Request Info

Curling, Blistering

Temperature changes cause shingles to curl—especially in cold weather. Heat can cause blistering. Request Info

Cracking, Staining, Failure

Algae causes dark brown or black streaks. As shingles become more brittle they can crack. Wind, hail and heavy rain can cause failure. Request Info

Bald Shingles

It is time to replace the shingles when black asphalt shows because most of the granules have been washed away. Request Info

Open Blisters

An open blister means that the shingle will continue to get worse. Replace quickly to prevent water getting under the shingle and doing more damage. Request Info

Ice Dams

Snow and ice become trapped on the roof. Improper ventilation in the attic causes the heat from the house to melt the snow and ice next to the shingles and water backs up under the ice dam . Request Info

Roof Leaks & Other Repairs

img Protect your investment.
Professional roof repair not only saves you money, but leads to an increase in home value. A well maintained exterior, including a professionally repaired roof, improves the resale value of your biggest investment. Properly and professional repaired roofs also increase the environmental standards of your home. A “green” home is more attractive on the market, and may also qualify you for tax incentives.

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Choose Summit Roofing Contractors When Trust Matters

img Keeping your family safe.
That loose shingle may seem like no big deal at the moment, but how much heat are you really losing? The same roof since 1950? Are you sure it’s helping with the climate control? Fixing or updating your roof not only saves you money on potentially costly repairs, but also ensures you are getting the best value for your heating and cooling dollar. Our roof repairs not only make your home look better, they help it perform better.

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Customer Reviews

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I wanted to express my thanks to your team for an exceptional job on the roofing of my home. I selected Summit Roofing from more than 6 other companies. Summit was not the lowest bidder but nor the...read more

Susan Holley

Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed by your crews work. They were there from just before 8 AM until 9PM. They did a very good job of picking up the trash, even going so far as to...read more

Paul Denk

Once again, thanks for the great work on our roof during troublesome weather – I’m glad we’re all done and covered up. We are very pleased with the dedication of Jesus and his team, the quality and...read more

Tim Bryan

How delightful it to do business with a company that is prompt, reliable and offers a finished product that is worthy of praise. Your crews were very professional and skilled in the roofing...read more

N.T. Bowen

I found your proposal comprehensive and honest. It has been a pleasure to deal with an honest and exceptionally professional company. Your crew was extremely efficient. I have recommended your company...read more

James E. Vaglia

It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional and competent organization. I was always made to feel as if my home was important and given top priority. The work crew was model of efficiency. They...read more

Edmond J. Singer

I was amazed at how quickly the job was completed - particularly in light of the extremely difficult working conditions posed by the severe heat and humidity this past week end. I'll certainly not...read more

Charles W. Thomas

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